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Our Mission

The Entrepreneurs Village is a judgment-free community of like-minded business owners. We provide an environment of resources, support, and guidance through honest feedback to help everyone succeed.


Our future goal is to have a space where people, even within the same industry, share information and lift each other up while building wealth. It will be an environment that connects in small groups and conferences allowing the constant exchange of ideas and resources. We aspire to create a welcoming community of entrepreneurs where all questions are respected, information is gladly shared, and long-lasting relationships are cultivated.

What To Expect From The Village

We are here to lift you up and in turn cultivate a community that gives a helping hand to each other. Below are the values we hold close to our hearts to make this community as effective and prosperous as we can. 


The Entrepreneurs Village is a place to network where you can improve your business, grow your connections, and develop long lasting relationships with other business owners across locations and industries. With all this growth you’ll find yourself improving your business, expanding your reach, and increasing revenue to build a successful business. Our purpose is to help you be successful and grow your business by connecting you with the right people.


If you need information on how to manufacture your great idea, you can connect with people in your industry or from the manufacturing industry to answer your questions and help you move forward. If you’re stuck on how to build your brand, you can connect with people in marketing and similar businesses to help you learn the ropes. As a villager your only limitation is how much time you want to invest. 






As a villager you will receive honest constructive feedback to help you grow your business, and likewise we appreciate you giving the same respect to your fellow villagers. Without honest feedback, we can’t learn and grow to our full potential so we hold honesty as an fundamental part of this community.  

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Villagers support one another. No matter what industry, no matter the business size, we’re here to help each other flourish. We hold integrity close because without trust and integrity we can’t have open support that leads to honest feedback and true success for each business owner. 

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A village is a tight knit community and we are a digital village to help you grow your business. You will be a part of a group of like minded entrepreneurs who are driven, focused, and determined. We recognize that  everyone has questions or needs another person's perspective  and your community will be here to help you as much as you want to help them. 

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In order for us to achieve the community we envision, with people connecting in the same industry and across locations, people in the community need to trust each other and keep a level of integrity so villagers know they are safe, their business and ideas are safe, and they won’t be judged. We ask for trust and integrity from all our villagers so your businesses can grow and the community can grow. There is more than enough wealth and by coming to the community with the best intentions to support each other, we can all succeed.  

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Make a Pledge.

The Entrepreneurs Village is a coalition of dedicated small business owners, nonprofit leaders and professionals from all walks of life who have come together to change the culture in America surrounding entrepreneurial relationships. This Pledge combines our passion for success and support with our access to a network of entrepreneurs that are committed to being each other’s customers.


By bringing together this intelligent, dedicated and diverse group of leaders we will change the way small businesses work together!


The Pledge:

We, the members of The Entrepreneurs Village, do hereby pledge our commitment to our fellow Entrepreneurs. We pledge commitment to the Vision Mission for which we stand; We commit to uphold and honor them throughout their businesses; to be shining examples to others; as persons of depth and character, integrity, hard work, and discipline.

We vow to make purchases from 5 small businesses within the next 60 days!


Once you’ve signed the pledge, you’ll receive a resource guide listing businesses that have been added to the pledge.  

Our Goal is to reach 1000 business owners who will pledge to shop with 5 small businesses within the next 60 days! We are each others biggest and best customers. 

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