Our Community

In life, a village is an intimate community that has its own sense of place filled with collective memories, residents that are involved in the community life, and trust in each other. 


That definition embodies the goals and missions of our village. The Entrepreneurs Village was founded on the idea that it takes a community to build a business. In this case your community is The Entrepreneurs Village and we’re here to help you build your business. 


When you join The Entrepreneurs Village you can expect updates and discussions on the latest business trends ranging from business management, to marketing, and more. We will facilitate that exchange of knowledge between growing businesses around the globe giving you access to new ideas and collaborations. We will also be studying entrepreneurial behaviors and explore new business trends to keep you abreast of changes in business and eCommerce so you can grow.

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Tracey Christian, CEO/Founder

Back when I started my first business, Brown Legacy Products, I had so many questions about starting a business down to details specific to my industry and around the product I was creating to sell. I tried to find people willing to share their experiences and resources with me.    Unfortunately, many were opposed to sharing information with me, fearing that I would become direct competition or that sharing their “secrets to success” would damage their business. I understood the root of their concern but wished for a community where I could receive help building my business and speak with people in the same industry without fear, who understood that there are enough customers for us all, I wanted to work with businesses who value helping others. 


After successfully launching my first business, I decided to create my own community so no one else would have to deal with learning how to start a business alone, without adequate support. I created The Entrepreneurs Village as a safe community where business owners can share ideas, learn from each other (even in the same industry), and find a community of like minded people who want to support one another and help the businesses in their community succeed.