Why The Playback Feature is Your Best Learning Tool

Many times, it may not be possible to view or participant in every virtual event, workshop or Live meeting in real time. Villagers may resort to analyzing recordings, and that is the concept supported by video playback functionality located on the PlayBack page.  The playback feature for online learning within the Village is extremely Important. Seeing how easily our days can fill up, setting a fixed time period to learn is crucial to the process of learning. More so, is the method.


As Entrepreneurs we are ‘Constantly in Beta’ 

Constantly  — We never stop learning. In that, there is always something new to learn with The Entrepreneurs Village.

in Beta — You never stop growing. Actively practicing new learning is the only way that you will retain that knowledge for a long enough period to see it result in value.


There are many tools available to you as a Villager that make the learning process more efficient.

whether you are brainstorming, or just micromanaging your day, we are committed to adding videos that help you learn something new.